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szállás Šumska VilaHorvátország apartman


Šumska Vila - Sali, Dugi Otok


Kapcsolattartó személy: Mate Pravić
Cím: Zaglav b.b.
Város: Sali, Dugi Otok - Sali – Dugi otok
A szálláshelye: Várostérkép
Tel.: +385 92 1737126
Mobil: +385 92 1737126
e-mail: Kapcsolatfelvétel űrlap
Beszélünk: ENG GER HRV
Weboldal: weboldal

Általános információk

Az épület területe m2: 100
A kert területe M2: 500
Minimum és maximum férőhely: 2-18
A hálószobák száma: 6
Egy főnek: 6,5 eurótól

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Szállás információ

Apartmanok: Felület m² Szobák száma Ágyak száma Pótágyak száma Egy/ára (€)  
A 10+81006108100-140info
A 6+450364100-140info

Felszereltség a létesítményben

parkoló garázs
klima háziállat megengedett
internetes hozzáférés rostély
törölköző használat ágynemű használata
használata kert félpanzió lehetséges
úszómedence teniszpálya
betonozott strand homokos strand
kavicsos strand idegenforgalmi adó az árban
Felület 100 m2
Szobák száma 6
Ágyak száma 10
Pótágyak száma 8

In season (Jun - Sep) we rent the entire house (A10+8) or the apartment (A6+4). Off season we rent the 1st floor 3-bedroom apartment (A6+4) with sauna and additional beds in ground floor.

Šumska Vila - Sali – Dugi otok HorvátországŠumska Vila - Sali – Dugi otok HorvátországŠumska Vila - Sali – Dugi otok HorvátországŠumska Vila - Sali – Dugi otok HorvátországŠumska Vila - Sali – Dugi otok HorvátországŠumska Vila - Sali – Dugi otok HorvátországŠumska Vila - Sali – Dugi otok HorvátországŠumska Vila - Sali – Dugi otok Horvátország
Egy éjszaka ára
25.06.2023 - 02.07.2023 100.00 EUR
03.07.2023 - 10.07.2023 140.00 EUR
11.07.2023 - 02.09.2023 140.00 EUR
14.09.2023 - 10.10.2023 100.00 EUR
Min. tartózkodás 5 napok


Terasz Erkély
Légkondícionálás TV-SAT
Hűtőszekrény Mosógép
Mikrohullámú Vízforraló
Tűzhely Mélyhűtő
Rostély Mosogatógép
Felület 50 m2
Szobák száma 3
Ágyak száma 6
Pótágyak száma 4

"1st Floor" - Listed price is for the entire house (A10+8)

Egy éjszaka ára
25.06.2023 - 02.07.2023 100.00 EUR
03.07.2023 - 10.07.2023 140.00 EUR
11.07.2023 - 02.09.2023 140.00 EUR
14.09.2023 - 10.10.2023 100.00 EUR
Min. tartózkodás 5 napok


Terasz Erkély
Légkondícionálás TV-SAT
Hűtőszekrény Mosógép
Mikrohullámú Vízforraló
Tűzhely Mélyhűtő
Rostély Mosogatógép


strand: 5 m
tenger: 10 m
központ: 500 m
bolt: 500 m
étterem: 500 m
sport: 500 m
orvos: 800 m
gyógyszertár: 7000 m
benzinkút: 500 m
pénzautomata: 7000 m
posta: 7000 m
autóbusz megálló: 500 m
Šumska Vila - Sali – Dugi otok Horvátország

Kiegészítő információk

***No dates are open this winter or in season 2023. We are currently not booking and do not plan to book before February. If you decide to write us anyway, we might not answer your inquiries before February 2023*** - - IN THE SEASON (June through August) we rent the entire house (A10+8) with 6 bedrooms in 2 floors. Some of the season the house is booked in advance for family members and friends. - - OFF SEASON (October through May) we rent the 1st floor apartment (A6+4, 3 bedrooms) with a sauna and additional bedrooms available in the ground floor. This year the house will be - - DESCRIPTION The climate in our bay is unique, the house is near the sea and in a forest of the Mediterranean Oak (Cernika), cooler than rest of the island. We are located in the bay called Sitno, near the village Zaglav (Dugi Otok, Zadar, North Dalmatia). The town Sali, which lays 6 km southeast from Zaglav, close to the national park Telašćica. On the north you can find sandy beach Sarakun and the lighthouse at Veli Rat. Our neighbors organize day trips by boat and diving clubs organize diving in nearby Kornati, an island archipelago protected as a national park with numerous islands. Some nearby islands are reachable by our kayaks or motor boats that you can rent in Sali. - - THE HOUSE has two floors. On the first floor is one apartment with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a terrace with a TV. On the ground floor there is the apartment with three bedrooms, a kitchen, one bathroom and a larger 4K TV with a Nintendo Wii U. This is our old holiday house and we rent it when none of our family members is on holidays. The two apartments are never rented separately, we only rent the whole house. Because the owners are not there during your stay, we expect our guests to take care of the house and equipment, including keeping it clean. The cleanliness of the house upon your arrival will depend on the weather and previous guests. While we provide basic cleaning, including fresh bedding, it is not possible to thoroughly clean the entire house during the exchange of the guests. Our guests can use all the space and most of our equipment around the house, including a big parking in the shade, a big table for 20 people at the sea side, hammocks, deck chairs, table tennis and a free WiFi from a new 4G LTE router with unlimited amount of data. Careful and responsible guests may also use free of charge the summer kitchen with a gas cooker, 2 two-seated kayaks, 4 bicycles (low-end, only for short trips), basic fishing gear (2 rods, hooks, weights, baits, etc). The house is suitable for families with children, thanks to plenty of shade and a good overview of the bay and the sea. No major roads are passing nearby, there are only slow improvised mud roads. Pets are not allowed, because we try hard to keep the house clean of any allergens. We use no woolen equipment (like carpets, bedding or blankets) and we actively dry the house off-season to keep it free of mold. - - THE EQUIPMENT In general this house is meant for calm and careful tourists. Some of the furniture and most of the equipment in and around the house needs to be used with care. We do not charge for the use of equipment (kayaks, bicycles, fishing, deck chairs, hammocks, etc.) and the responsibility for the safety of the equipment, the house and people around is entirely on the users, because our equipment and its users are not insured. Tourists can rent professional equipment with insurance at companies in Sali (small boats, speed boats, water scooters, road scooters, mountain bikes, cars, etc.). Since we are in a forest that dries in the summer, wildfires are a serious threat. Smoking, use of candles and other fire, kitchens and the grill needs to be done with great responsibility. Especially great care needs to be taken that the children do not get in contact with sources of fire (i.e. playing with lighters and matches). Any damage that is done to the house, equipment or surrounding will be covered by the visitors. Some of the equipment is not available year around: The sauna is not available in June through September, because we turn these rooms into bedrooms. A/C are only available in summer. The motor boat is not available for our guests and the grill is not available from June through September due to fire safety. - - HIGH SEASON: In July and August whole house is 140E/day and 1st floor 3 bedroom apartment is 70E/day - - LOW SEASON: June and September whole house is 100E/day - - OFF SEASON: October through May whole house is rented as a 1st floor 3 bedroom apartment with a sauna and additional rooms available in the ground floor from 60E/day (couples or single family) and up to 100E/day for larger groups. Discounts are available also for long term rent. - - CHECK IN/CHECK OUT Check-in is after 16:00. Check-out is 09:00. Usually we start cleaning at 08:00 on the last day by collecting the sheets and running the washing machine. This is because we change the guests on the same day. After the check out and before the check in, our guests are allowed to stay on the property, on the beach and to use the summer kitchen and the toilet in the ground floor. Arriving guests are allowed to use the toilet in the 1st floor if they arrive before 16:00. - - SPACE AND EQUIPMENT IN THE APARTMENT in 1st floor: kitchen with stove and cooker, dishwasher, refrigerator with separate freezing compartment, microwave, electric kitchen gadgets, dishes, electric heaters in the rooms and two A/C devices (only in summer), two bathrooms with toilet and shower, three bedrooms (all have a double bed, one has two additional bunk beds). Apartment facilities in the ground floor are similar, but there is no A/C, one bathroom, a washing machine, two double beds, one bunk bed and one sofa used as a double bed. Here the furniture in general is older, but fully functional. In ground floor there are also the pumps: water pump in the kitchen, the heat pump on the corridor and toilet water pump in the summer kitchen outside. All of them produce a moderate amount of noise.

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